Hanging Thread and Rogue Stitching are in the process of merging.  This merger is very simple.  All active customers on Hanging Thread now have a Primo Membership on Rogue Stitching.  click here to go to www.roguestitching.com You can still check your past orders on this site but all new order will be placed in Rogue Stitching.


You received an email the week of November 2nd with your new password.  If you cannot find your email you can try to log in and hit the "Forgot Password" button.  If you still cannot get into your account that call Rogue Stitching customer service at 785-833-6085.

Important NOTICE!!!

Picture This Plus Fabric Has Notified Us (All retail Shops) that they are currently 23 Weeks in productions. Our Shop is seeing a 25 week production time with Picture This Plus Fabric deliveries. 

Per Picture This Plus Fabric - They will not be giving estimates in production dates.

If you have an order For Picture This Plus Fabric, please visit our sister site for fabric comparable fabrics. Call Rogue Stitching at 785-833-6085.

Visit our Sister Website for Deals on Floss, Patterns, Apparel and More!
Home of the "Primo Membership Club"

New Return and Exchange Policy

Give us a call (785-571-2516) and we’ll exchange an order within 3 weeks of it being delivered to your shipping location. (We use the USPS tracking information to get delivery date.) We will exchange the items for another color (You will have to wait for Picture This Plus Fabric production timeline again), order a comparable fabric from our sister website www.roguestitching.com or we can refund the cost of the item (Customer is responsible for the return shipping). We do not want anyone to keep a piece of our fabric that - for whatever reason - you’ll never use! You will be responsible for the return shipping and we will have to charge you shipping on the new piece being exchanged.

Return between three weeks and 8 weeks after delivery - These items can be returned for a refund with a 15% restocking fee. (shipping of return fabric is the responsibility of the customer).  Exchanges are a 5% restocking fee and the customer is responsible for the return shipping and the shipping cost of the new fabric. If the exchange of fabric results in a greater cost or reduced cost, the customer account will be adjusted or billed for the difference

New Company Shipping Guidlines

Once your order has been shipped and a USPS tracking number provided, we are unable to provide any assistance in locating lost or delayed packages - we do not have access to any more detailed tracking information than that provided in the shipment email. Please contact your local USPS branch or mail carrier for further assistance if your package appears to be lost or delayed. We are also not liable for orders shipped to incorrect addresses entered at checkout - please carefully check your shipping information before placing your order.