Fabric FAQs


Please allow 7 to 9 weeks for delivery.


(also known as Frequently Asked Questions)

Only quality fabrics from Zweigart and textile industry dyes are used. The combination produces a soft, washable, colorfast, and permanent product. The photos of our fabrics shown in our web site are of linen. Variations – sometimes very wide variations – occur between the fabric types. A color in linen may or may not look the same in Lugana or Aida. Keep in mind that each swatch is a very small piece of the whole fabric and is designed to give you an idea of the color and pattern. With any hand-dyed product, variations in color intensities and patterns will occur with each dye lot. If you are planning to stitch companion pieces we recommend purchasing all fabric at the same time. All pieces are pressed, serged, labeled and packaged.

What are the measurements of the fabric pieces?

Fat 1/4 = 18 x 27 inches
Fat 1/2 = 27 x 36 inches
1 YD = 36 x 54 inches
Measurements are pre-dyeing.
They do shrink a little in the dyeing process - especially the Luganas.

Why cut fat?

Cutting fat gives a more useable fabric piece. A regular 1/4 would be 9 x 54 inches.

What are the different fabric types you dye?

There is some difference of opinion over this answer, but for us there are 3 basic fabric types that we dye: Aida, Linen, and Evenweave (Lugana) All the base fabric is from Zweigart.

What do the names Cashel, Belfast, Newcastle, etc. mean?

These are the names given to different thread counts of linen. Cashel 28ct, Belfast 32ct, Edinburgh 36ct, Newcastle 40ct.

Why do the different fabric types dye differently?

Basic Dyeing 101 - different fabric contents will take the dye differently - sometimes very differently. Aidas are woven from cotton threads, Linens are made from linen thread, and the Evenweaves that we use are a combination of rayon and cotton.

What are “Crystals”?

This is what we call the fabric that has an opalescent thread woven into it. It gives the fabric sparkle. Sometimes on the dark colors (Mystic) the sparkle can be a bit overwhelming.

Do all of the colors come in “Crystals”?

Yes. As long as we can get the base fabric in opalescent. Not available in Aida 18ct

Do you custom cut to size?


Do you send swatches?


Returns and Refunds? /What if I don’t like the fabric I receive?

Give us a call (785-571-2516) and we’ll exchange and order within 3 weeks of it being delivered to your shipping location. (We use the USPS tracking information to get delivery date.) We will exchange the items for another color or refund the cost of the item (Customer is in charge of return shipping). We don’t want anyone to keep a piece of our fabric that - for whatever reason - you’ll never use! You will be responsible for the return shipping and we will have to charge you shipping on the new piece being exchanged.

Return between three weeks and 8 weeks afore delivery - These items can be returned for a refund with a 15% restocking fee. (shipping of refund are the responsibility of the customer).  Exchanges are a 5% restocking fee and the customer is responsible for the return shipping and the shipping cost of the new fabric. If the exchange if fabric results in a great cost or reduce cost, the customer account will be adjusted or billed for the difference.

How much is shipping?

We have a minimum shipping charge of $4.75. That will usually cover about a 1/4 yard (at least until the Post Office raises their rates again!!). 

Do you dye “custom” colors?


Are your fabrics washable?

Yes! We use our washing machine and hot water to wash the fabrics before they’re dyed and then again after the dyeing process. They are as washable as they can be!

Are your dyed fabrics colorfast?

Yes. We use chemicals to bind the dye to the fibers and to stop the dyeing reaction. Then we wash the fabrics with a special detergent that removes loose dye. The brightest and darkest colors (such as Phoenix and Mystic) are rinsed many times to try and get out all the unbound dye. That being said if you are someone who always washes your project when you are finished stitching - remember the threads are not colorfast and there could be loose dye in the fabric. It's recommended to rinse your piece in cold water and not let it soak.

How long will it take to receive my order?

We sometimes get orders out the very next day. Sometimes it takes several days. It depends on several factors - what’s ordered, how much is ordered, where your color is on the dye schedule, show schedules, and what we have in stock (which changes all the time) at the moment. So we usually tell anyone ordering to allow up 7 to 9 weeks. Special Order/Sale days can take up to 12 to 24 -weeks. Because orders are hand dyed and life happens orders that will take longer and an email will be sent out to inform people about estimated time of arrival. If your order arrives sooner than that - HURRAH!!!!