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Aerial Aerial

Light Blue.

Ale Ale

Medium Grayed Brown

Ancient Ancient

Light "Old" Gold with Gray Smudges

Arbor Arbor

Light Ashen Pink with Light Gray/Green Veining.

Arctic Arctic

A light sea green base with a sapphire blue washed over it - looks like
going through glacial ice - may be Marilyn's new favorite!!!

Aurora Aurora

Medium red-orange - very mottled.

Barnwood Barnwood

Medium/dark blackened brown.

Baroque Baroque

Medium brown with red and green areas.

Bashful Bashful

Very lightest of pinks

Brash Brash

Medium bronze

Cabernet Cabernet

Medium berry pink

Calypso Calypso

Medium  turquoise

Carnival Carnival

Predominately orange but with varying mixtures of pink, purple, blue, yellow, green, and/or white - every piece is different!

Cauldron Cauldron

Medium silvered gray with burnt orange smudges

Chablis Chablis

Light berry pink

Chalice Chalice

Light peach.

Charm Charm

Streaky silvered pink.

Cherub Cherub

Light pink with light green areas.

Chime Chime

Light true yellow.

Chrysalis Chrysalis

Light pastel green.

Coastal Coastal

Light  turquoise.

Confetti Confetti

Medium yellow with blue and pink splashes.

Conifer Conifer

Medium grayed green - an "old" green.

Cyprium Cyprium

A beautiful blend of copper and bronze - think falling leaves!

Dapple Dapple

A thin cloudy blue/grey color.

DaVinci DaVinci

Medium purpled blue with random areas of orange.

Dawn Dawn

Medium gray with green undertones.

Discord Discord

Medium/dark mauve.

Diva Diva

Hot pink...very hot...very pink!

Doubloon Doubloon

Light "old" gold.