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Orphan Naming Contest.

This is a very simple contest to follow.

1. Print out the 2020 Orphan Certificate.

www.picturethisplusretail.com – click Orphan Naming Contest in the Menu

2. Fill out the Certificate

Name your new fabric, date the certificate, and sign

3. Follow us on Facebook and or Instagram


https://www.instagram.com/picturethisplus or @picturethisplus

4. Post a picture of your Fabric and certificate (Yes, you can be in the picture if you like) on your pages and “Tag Us.”

5. Send your picture and the name of your fabric to info@picturethisplusretail.com

All entries will be displayed on our website. The Staff will pick 10 finalist and on March 1st we will begin our public voting contest. The winner of the contest and of the $100 gift certificate will be announced live on our social media platforms at 12noon (CS) on March 7th from the 2020 Nashville Needlework Market.

Print 2020 Orphan Certificate Here